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The Boboli Gardens were built by Cosimo I and Elenora of Toledo (1549) during the rebuilding of the Palazzo Pitti.

This Palace was designed by Brunelleschi in 1445 and today  it contain seven art collections by Italian and European artists.

The Boboli Gardens were designed by architect Niccolò Pericoli, in accordance with the new Renaissance mode characterized by exacted more stately proportions than the medieval.

The Renaissance garden was the symbol of the Prince’s power, location of parties and plays, a place of relationship for the court, where one colud wander through groves populated by allegorical statues, grottes and fountains.

It is mirable monument to visit during your holiday, you book a elegant and confortable hotel in the center, as Strozzi Palace Hotel in Florence and you see the Boboli Gardens.

Among the most important are:

In the entrance you’ll see the curious Bachus Fountain who representing a dwarf of the court of Cosimo I.

Near the entrance you’ll see the Grotta del Buonalenti was built for Francesco I (1583), the first chambers is like a real cave decorated with sculptured forms that look like animals.

In the corners are four copies of Michelangelo’s Prisonies and the group of Parsi and Helena by Vincenzo de’ Rossi.

Going on, one comes to the Amphitheatre, first made in grass in the 16 century and remade in the 18 century, for the performance of plays.

The Egyptian obelisk in the centre was brought from Luxor in the Imperial Rome epoch.

Going on one comes to the Neptune Fishpond and the Giardino del Cavaliere, where stands the Porcelain Museum.

Walking straight on one reaches the beautiful Piazza dell’Isolotto, with its large pool and island, planted with lemon trees and the Fountain of the Ocean by Giambologna.

The Boboli Gardens are the ideal location for a pleasant walk florentine.


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