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The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. It features a fantastic range of attractions for each visitor to relish. It’s not possible in just a single trip to experience all of what the UK has to offer and for people who do not have endless days to travel around, listed here are the top 6 places to visit in the UK.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is located in the heart of the UK. Here you will find a spectacular background of rolling hillsides and historical stone-villages climbing from the stunning country side. When you see the luxurious meadows and pick up the trickling streams, you will realise why the Cotswolds is selected as an area of exceptional natural splendour.


Oxford is renowned for its University which is one of the top universities in the world. For an architectural traveller, Oxford has a huge architectural museum which goes back to the dawn of the Saxons. The University of Oxford consists of 36 independent colleges each with interesting architecture and history. Most of this university’s buildings are open to visitors. The Oxford University also has the most ancient botanical garden in the UK with greater than 8,000 species of plants in green-houses, rock and water gardens. There are many fun exhibits for kids to carry out their experiments.


A visit to Brighton wouldn’t be complete without a trip to its popular Victorian Pier – this festive vacation spot will keep you entertained with arcade halls, fairground, restaurants and pubs. During warmer days, get ready to enjoy spiced ginger-bread on the balcony looking over the renewed Regency Era Gardens. Also, Brighton hosts a number of festivals. It takes only less than one hour from London to reach Brighton by train.

The Lake District

The Lake District is located in the northwest region of the UK. Bordered by the Irish Sea, you will find some of the UK’s tallest mountains and its longest and deepest lakes in The Lake District. Here you can connect with the nature whilst spending your night time camping under the stunning stars. Outdoor fanatics can go kayaking and try other water sports as well. Unique galleries and museums feature Roman military ceremony stones, steamboats and also the railway. Cultural tourists can enjoy summer theatre shows and inventive arts fests.

London’s Tower Bridge

Chances are, if you are in London – you will see the Tower Bridge. Dominating the River Thames, the London Tower Bridge is probably the most well-known icons of the London city. It is made of two huge towers coupled with a suspension bridge. It was originally built in 1800s and has stood proud in the city of London since that time.


At the heart of Salisbury Plain is a big, magical and mysterious monument built around 4000 years back known as Stonehenge. Nobody is clear on its basic purpose. A few of the stones weigh 50 plus tons and might have required over 1000 men to pull them to that spot. Take a car and you could combine a trip to Stonehenge with a visit to Salisbury or Winchester – both marvellous small towns with impressive cathedrals.
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