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Here is a quick guide to discovering all that Bangkok has to offer. If you go about visiting Bangkok the right way, you will be safe, secure, and have memories that will last you a lifetime.

Careful of Hotel Reviews

First of all, try to book as many of the hotels you’re going to stay in, in advance. This will help not only with planning and safety, but ensure you can research the cleanliness and ratings of a hotel online before staying there. Most hotel review websites will have extensive and accurate reviews that you should be able to glean a good understanding from. Nothing is worse than booking a sleazy hotel when it looked great in pictures.

The great thing about Thailand is the cost of living is so favorable that very high end hotels are significantly cheaper than you would imagine them to be. Trip Adviser is not the best for this, as anybody can leave reviews and many are fake. It is best to use reviews like on Agoda that only customers that actually stayed there can leave reviews after they have checked out.

Airport Taxi Tips

When you arrive, skip the taxis waiting for people right out of the airport. Either try to grab one from the people being dropped off at the airport on the upper level at Suvarnabhumi BKK airport or walk out to the main road to find one over the walk way at DMK (Air Asia). The taxis that wait at the airport exits usually have much higher meters and are less trustworthy than the regular street drivers. Save yourself some money and ensure a little bit more safety and take that advice.

Reclining Golden Buddha

Wat Pha Chetuphon is a temple of the laying Buddha which is a must see for any trip to Bangkok. It is a great temple that is synonymous with the region. Even if you aren’t remotely religious, or if you are a devout follower of another faith, the splendor and view from this temple is amazing. You have to get a taxi though as the trains do not go here and it is prone to nasty traffic jams. Beware of the tuk-yuk gem scam saying that the temple is closed and you end up in a jewelry shop named “Export” where you will be pressured or threatened to by over priced gems. Just politely say no, and all will be fine.

Bangkok Massages

The shopping is incredible as well and shouldn’t be passed up. Don’t forget the extra suitcase to bring home all of your souvenirs. While out strolling why not try a nice massage? Thailand is famous for their massages. Just be sure to go to a high end legitimate place and not an off the street, suspicious place that is a front for something you can probably figure out. If the massage ladies are in a uniform, that is a good sign that it is not offering extra services. An oil massage is like a Swedish massage in America where you are often naked or in underwear and a Thai massage you where a light cotton gown is a kind of pressure point massage. Do not uninterested what a 75 pound tiny Thai woman can do, the word for pain is “Jep” and the Thai word for stop is “Yot”, two handy words to know when getting a Thai massage !

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John is a Bangkok based flower specialist who designs for Gogo Florist. He is considered as an authority on Thai orchids and growing them.

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