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Are you still dreaming about going in a sunny place, where you can sunbathing during the cold season? If the answer is yes, I suggest you to think about going in Capo Verde, a small archipelago near the coast of Western Africa, right on the equator. Being on the equator has its benefits, like a sunny and warm climate all year round, few rainy days and the chance of surfing, snorkeling and swimming in the ocean as much as you want.
If the best time for going there is from November to July (during the dry season) maybe you could arrange this holiday for somebody you care and make a perfect Christmas gift!
I highly recommend you the islands of Boa Vista, Isla du Sal or São Nicolau, the first and the second are for those who love the relaxing sun-and-sea type of holiday, the last is for those who love discovering the wild nature and breath taking landscapes.
Arriving in Capo Verde it’s quite easy there are airports on almost every island of the archipelago and there are a lot of flights from the major European and American cities, using SkyScanner you surely find a flight that suits you!
After booking the flight you’re looking for an hotel accommodation, aren’t you?
Now you have to decide in which island you would like to go, keeping in mind that you can always decide later to go on a day excursion by boat or by plane in the other islands. Sea and swimming lover? the perfect island for you is Boavista (the name in Portuguese means “good view”), is the easternmost island of Capo Verde, in which you will find long, white sandy beaches and clear crystalline sea. Here the sea really meets the desert, the white sandy dunes, buit by the wind that blows the sand from the Sahara desert, arrive up to the beach, it’s very funny for children (but not only for them!) running up and down the little hills of sand!
The island offers also the small city of Sal Rei, a place where African and European cultures are mixed together and live pacifically, there a lot of shops for buying typical souvenirs like: bracelets made of coloured beads, wood sculptures, Panos (pieces of tissue decorated with coloured motifs that the women wear during special occasions), shells, coffee, handmade straw hats, Grogu (a typical alcoholic beverage made of distilled sugar cane, a sort of rum) and Pontch (a sweet mix of Grogu and golden syrup with some slice of lemon, sometimes they mix it with fruit juices like coconut or strawberry).
The other island Isla du Sal is a natural salt pan (from which came the name), in the 17th century the island was exploited for exporting in Europe the precious crystal that was used as a preservative for meat and fish.
If you want you could visit the ancient salt pan of Pedra de Lume, passing through the tunnel that leads from the coastline to the crater of an extinct volcano, where they are situated, you could also visit the similar salt pans of Santa Maria. The island have, like Boavista, beautiful white sandy beaches and light blue sea that matches with the colour of the sky, in which you could do surfing or kiting thanks to the winds that always blow on the sea. Or you could choose the submarine way doing snorkeling on the marvellous coralline seabeds, looking at hundred of rainbow-colored fishes which swim on as if nothing had happened. If you like not only looking but also catching the fishes you could go on a one day excursion in the open sea for fighting with the “giants” of the Ocean: Tunas, Sharks, Marlins and Swordfishes with cutting edge fishing boats.
The last island, São Nicolau is for true lovers of natural beauty and strange landscapes, due to its geographical conformation (volcanic origins) its coastlines are rocky and only the brave ones could swim into the sea, that is always rough, but there are many things that you could do instead! Like walking throught the so called Camino Novo, passing canyons and green valleys, looking for the strangest rock and taking amazing pictures or doing extreme sports like volcano hiking, cycling and trekking.

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