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Holidays are great, but they can get rather formulaic. Who really enjoys partying ones life away in boring places such as Ibiza, and there comes a time in everybody’s life when they have done enough festivals to last them a lifetime. So, if you are young and healthy, why not take an adventure holiday this year and get off that old and very beaten track?

There are many off-beaten track holidays that you can enjoy without the need to spend too much money. If you go a little out of season then you can usually find cheap flights to even quite exotic locations.

North Korea might not be everybody’s first choice for a holiday destination, but it is likely to be one that you will never forget. Pyongyang is the capital city and from there you can explore places such as the Kumgang massif, Kaesong, Mount Myohyang and even the demilitarised zone across the Korean Peninsula that separates North and South Korea. To vist north Korea you willneed a special visa, and you need to apply well in advance as only 2,000 western visitors a year are allowed into the country.

South Sudan in Eastern Equatoria, is also an exciting destination, particularly trekking through the Imatong Mountains. South Sudan is the newest country on the planet and there you will discover dense forests and amazingly diverse wildlife. The plains are mainly wood and grassland, again with a rich diversity of wild flora and fauna, through which flows the most pristine stretch of the White Nile. Few outsiders visit this region, so expect the locals, mainly subsidence farmers, to be very curious about you and where you come from, most of them have never seen a foreigner, though generally they are very friendly.

If you think that you are up to it, then one of the more adventurous holidays is trekking along the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal. Begin your journey in Kanchenjunga and make your way across the high plateaus on the borderlands of Tibet until you reach the far west. On this trip you will discover some of the remotest mountainous regions on the planet including peaks which reach 8,000 meters in height, difficult passes and ancient rarely visited villages. If you are able to complete the full length of the Great Himalaya Trail then although you will enjoy cheap travel, you will need to be prepared to handle some rough terrain. The distance covered is around a thousand miles and it generally takes over 150 days.

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