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A Car Rental Guide for Backpackers – Australia

For the majority of backpackers visiting Australia the main consideration is to experience as much of the country as possible and in the cheapest manner achievable. In respect to this, there are a couple of options available in terms of getting around the vast landscape in the most efficient manner. These will depend on what sort of journey you are planning to take, along with whereabouts you wish to travel and for how long. A popular way is to use a coach service that will run along designated routes at specific times. However, along with the increased cost of booking this, it may also not fit in with your timetable and will be uncomfortable for the long journeys that come with travelling such a big country. The most resourceful method is by using a car rental service for a small fee or by relocating a car between two fixed locations.

What Is a Car Relocation Service?

For backpackers who want to save money, using an Australian relocation car rental service is a smart way of moving around in a cost effective manner. The agreement is beneficial for both parties; the companies want their vehicles moved between depots and you want to visit these places as part of your trip. For the company, it saves the hassle of hiring an employee and paying them to transport the vehicle. For the user, the only cost that needs to be paid out is for petrol and very occasionally the insurance.

What to Consider For a Car Rental Service

Below are some of considerations you need to think about before choosing to relocate a vehicle from an Australian car rental company.
• A car rental service in Australia will have set locations for their depots in all the major cities that tourists will want to embark on. Check the different websites and see if these locations are on your route and suit your plans.
• The cars may only be available on a certain dates. Do these fit in with your timetable? Also, due to the nature of the business, the car relocation firms don’t like to be without their vehicle for too long. Sometimes the maximum rental period will be two or three days.
• Consider how many of you will be travelling and how much space is needed for luggage. Some car rental firms have vans or even motor-homes that have more space.
• Do you have plans for when you reach your location and suitable travel arrangements already set-up? It may be possible to relocate another car from the same company if travelling further to another location. • How many drivers are there in your group? If your journey is a long one, for example between Cairns and Brisbane, then it may be preferential to swap drivers every so often to reduce tiredness.
• Although relocating the car will usually be free, the cost of petrol is something to think about, especially over long distances. Car rental companies in countries like Australia will also require the tank to be filled up to the top on its return – the level that at which the car would have been in the first place.
• Quite obviously a valid driving license will be required for anyone who will take the wheel. A credit card will also be needed in case any excess needs to be paid. Any deposit you have to pay will be returned when the vehicle is safely relocated within the specified time limit.
• Take pictures of the vehicle from every angle to use as proof in case of unwarranted accusations of its mistreatment. For example, there may already be scratches on the car which can be proven with photographic evidence.

I wrote this article as I have experience of travelling Australia and the planning required to have an enjoyable trip. Car relocation services provide the best way to get around for smaller parties and can provide much more comfort than using a coach service such as the Greyhound. Adam Hughes.

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