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Let’s begin with Cancun.  Maybe this is Mexico’s most famous resort town, and with good reason. In addition to world-class resorts and stunning beaches, there is also breathtaking natural beauty and lots of things to do while you’re spending your vacation here. Cancun has it all. For a place with so many annual tourists, Cancun has managed to remain pleasant and beautiful in spite of being inundated by over three million tourists each year. Accommodations are unbeatable, beaches are spotless, it’s easy to get here, and there are good bargains to be found by any traveler seeking to do almost anything. To top it off, English is spoken throughout the resort town, and dollars are accepted, so the tourist from USA will feel right at home with minimal effort.

Cancun’s airport is large and convenient to town, and there are direct flights on several airlines from the US. The major car rental agencies are well-represented at Cancun’s airport, and taxis are also abundant if you need one.

Aside from beaches, water sports, fishing and shopping, you can also take a day trip to Isla Mujeres, an island just 8 miles from shore, where you’ll find El Garrafon Natural Park. If you like snorkeling you should go. You can get there via ferry, shuttle boat, water taxi, or pleasure boat trips. There’s an airport here, and plenty of resorts to stay at.


Cozumel is another island off the coast of the Yucatan near Cancun, and worth the trip if you have time. The pace is slower and quieter here, and you can get around on a moped. It’s 12 miles off the coast, and larger than Isla Mujeres, and choices in accommodations are plenty. Cozumel is particularly popular with divers.

Adventure Activities in Yucatan Peninsula Area

  • Off Cancun: Great Mesoamerican Reef, largest one in Western Hemisphere. Snorkeling and Scuba are wonderful here. Sunken boats, too.
  • Cave of the Sleeping Sharks near Cancun, go diving to see this one.
  • Jungle Cruise on JetSkis through lagoons and mangroves of Cancun. There’s time for snorkeling and lunch on these cruises.

Museums in Yucatan Peninsula Area

  • Museo de la Isla de Cozumel. Learn about endangered species and coral. Town history and nautical artifacts.
  • Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Ateneo de Yucatan in Merida. Contemporary art by Yucatan artists.
  • Museo de la Ciudad in Merida. Learn about the history of Merida.
  • Museo Regional de Antropologia in Merida. Interesting architecture and pre-Columbian culture, especially Mayan.

Ruinas del Rey

There are some ruins right near the city of Cancún, although smaller and less impressive than Tulum. The religious site was built by fishermen long before Tulum was ever built, and re-settled during the post-Classic era. The temples and platforms now sit amidst the lush trees and jungle flowers adjacent to the Hilton Cancún golf course. The ruins are just over 10 miles from the center of the city of Cancún, just outside the Hotel Zone. Follow directions for the Hilton, which will land you almost in Punta Nizuc.

Admission to Ruinas del Rey is $4.50 and it’s open every day. There’s a restaurant near the ruins, which combines dinner, tour of the ruins, and a show for one fixed price.

Beaches in Yucatan Peninsula Area

  • Playa Las Perlas in Cancun, small public beach.
  • Playa Tortuga, another public beach in Cancun
  • Playas Linda and Langosta also in Cancun

Nightlife in Yucatan Peninsula Area

  • Cancun’s Centro Comercial maya Fair
  • Cancun’s Forum by the Sea
  • Cancun’s La Isla Shopping Village
  • Cancun’s Bar Crawl Tour

Ruins in Yucatan Peninsula Area

  • Cancun’s Tulum.
  • Cancun’s Ruinas del Rey, which are Mayan ruins.

Belinda Mills is a fresh water conch currently living in Key West Florida, where she is a writer for serveral travel blogs.

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