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Whether you enjoy history in the classroom or not, a trip somewhere can make history come alive in amazing ways. Those planning a family vacation in the United States will enjoy learning more about the country by visiting these 10 states that are full of interesting historical sites.

1. Massachusetts: One of the 13 original colonies, this state is rich in history. Here, you can see Plymouth Rock, where the pilgrims first landed on American shores or visit Lexington where the “shot heard around the world” was fired, marking the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

2. Pennsylvania: Also one of the 13 original colonies and the home of both the First and Second Continental Congress, Pennsylvania may be most well known as the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence. Before the federal government was established in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania served as the temporary capital.

3. New Hampshire: This little state was at the forefront of the Revolutionary War. Here, Patrick Henry uttered those famous words, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

4. Georgia: Visitors to this state will likely learn a lot about slavery, plantations and the Civil War. The state was devastated by Sherman’s infamous March to the Sea in 1864, and the state met with difficult times throughout Reconstruction. During the Civil Rights Movement, Georgia functioned as the base for Martin Luther King, Jr.

5. Louisiana: Purchased from Napoleon by Thomas Jefferson as a part of the Louisiana Purchase, the current state of Louisiana has one of the richest cultural heritages of any state in the United States. The city of New Orleans tells much of the cultural history of Louisiana with its intricate architecture and four distinct residential quarters.

6. Illinois: The state of Illinois, commonly known as “the land of Lincoln” has actually been the home of four U.S. presidents. Interestingly, the city of Chicago, Illinois, is known for having been the home of outlaws such as Bugsy Malone and Al Capone.

7. Kansas: Anyone interested in outlaws, cowboys and gun-slinging law men should take a trip to western Kansas. This state, whose entry into the Union became the catalyst for the Civil War, is full of the history of the Underground Railroad and the Civil Rights Movement as well.

8. Texas: Some people still think Texas should be its own country. This second-largest state of the Union, as measured by land area, was once an independent nation known as the Republic of Texas before becoming the 28th state in the United States.

9. Oklahoma: This state is rich with the history of First Nations or Native Americans. Many first nations people settled here after being force by President Andrew Jackson to leave their homes and relocate west of the Mississippi River.

10. California: For many, mention of the state of California brings to mind movies stars and Hollywood glamour. In addition to being the home of movies in America for more than a century, California has a rich history of gold mining and the transcontinental railroad.

For adventures in history, citizens of the United States never have to travel far from home. Every state has a treasure trove of interesting facts and history about the great and less-than-great moments that have made our country what it is today.

Tim Weber has worked as a tour guide in Oklahoma for the past 9 years. He recommends checking out to find more info on Oklahoma’s historic sites.

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